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Międzynarodowy Dzień Tańca
29 kwietnia

Międzynarodowy Dzień Tańca
przesłanie na rok 2002
Katherine Dunham

Dancers are, as are all artists, made to feel and to make others feel.
We are suddenly plunged into the all-consuming fires of feeling since the cataclysmic happenings of September 11, 2001.
Dancers are given the great gift of motion and design. They live holistically, body, mind and spirit molded into single and continuous acts.

Do not stop dancing. Whatever happens and God willing, we have seen the worst, I say to you, "NEVER STOP DANCING!"
Katherine Dunham

Katherine Dunham was born in Joliet, Illinois in 1909. She became one of the first African Americans to attend the University of Chicago where she earned bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees in anthropology. She completed groundbreaking work on Caribbean and Brazilian dance anthropology as a new academic discipline. In 1931, Miss Dunham established her first dance school in Chicago. Her successful dance career in the American and European theater started in 1934 and led to leading roles in musicals, operas and cabarets. She appeared in the films "Stormy Weather" and "Cabin in the Sky" which she co-choreographed with George Balanchine. In the late 1930's Miss Dunham established a school and touring company in New York City that won critical acclaim while performing more than 100 of her original works. In 1967, Miss Dunham joined the faculty of Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, where she helped create a performing arts training center and established a dance anthropology program. In 1969, Miss Dunham created a community-based arts education program in East St. Louis, the region's only multi-disciplinary arts organization devoted to the study, appreciation and celebration of diverse cultures. This was prompted by Miss Dunham great concern for racial equality. Miss Dunham's awards, include among others ten honorary doctorates, the Presidential Medal of Arts, the Kennedy Center Honors, French Legion of Honor, Southern Cross of Brazil, Grand Cross of Haiti, NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award, Lincoln Academy Laureate, and the Urban Leagues' Lifetime Achievement Award. Her life was celebrated in the book, "I Have A Dream". Miss Dunham recounts her cultural and theatrical experiences in 8 books, numerous articles and short stories she has authored.

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