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Międzynarodowy Dzień Tańca
29 kwietnia

Międzynarodowy Dzień Tańca
przesłanie na rok 2000
Alicia Alonso
Jirí Kylián
Cyrielle Lesueur (8 lat)

As we start the new millennium, the art of dance is experiencing a time of great splendor and perhaps the highest level of development of its long history. As the rich inheritance of the past unites with the creativity and diversity of the present a new style is being created. It can be seen in theatres, movies and in the vast genre of television, musicals, and entertainment. There is also an inexhaustible source of dance in social dances and folklore of people in many diverse cultures. There is no art form foreign to dance.

However, in many respects dance has not been given the place it deserves among the significant cultural events of the times. I believe that now dancers, choreographers, professors, critics, and other professionals in this field must strive for the universal recognition that dance deserves. To accomplish this goal the bridges of mutual respect and understanding among the various performing styles must be strengthened. Respect for tradition, conservation and development of historical dance - of both 19th and 20th centuries - should complement and support the new and experimental styles. The old and the new are two parts of the same creative body.

Development of dance requires renewed interest in the areas of history, esthetics, and philosophy in order to create an integrated balance between the art of performance and the intellectual ideas of its creators.

In the new century dance must strengthen its presence in the cultural life of the community, establish academic credentials at university level, and obtain greater recognition at institutional and state levels. To accomplish this we must have talent, dedication and, above all, a great love for our art.

On an occasion as special as this one I want to wish great success to the dance world in completing these urgent tasks. May our dreams be a beautiful reality in the 21st century.
Alicia Alonso

Alicia Alonso - Prima ballerina assoluta, charismatic personality of dance of the 20th century. Born in Havana where she began her training, she became one of the leading dance figures in America. however, she returned to her native Cuba, where she has spent the rest of her life and her career firmly establishing the bases of Cuban ballet.

Dance is a garden, maybe not big, infinitely high and endlessly deep.
There is place for everyone.
Set yourself rules in order to break them, in order
to find new feelings, new realities, new dimensions.
Jirí Kylián

Jirí Kylián - Born in 1947 in Prague. Dancer, choregrapher and artistic director. Started dancing at the age of 9 in Prague and finished his studies at the Royal Ballet School in London. Mr Kylián joined the Stuttgart Ballet in 1968 as soloist and choreographer. 1975 – 1999 Director and Principal Choreographer, since 1999 Resident Choreographer of the Nederlands Dance Theatre. Jirí Kylián’s choreography is performed by major companies throughout the world.

What movements say,
They do not know themselves,
They gather, they assemble,
Enrich themselves, join together,
Follow each other, draw their own shapes,
Develop and fly away.
Some repeat themselves to survive,
They rest, they wander,
And by uniting, they design a dance.
Cyrielle Lesueur, aged 8, Danse a l'Ecole, Le Havre, France

Cyrielle Lesueur - A young French boy, aged 8, who is studying dance in the programme "Danse a l'Ecole", Le Havre, France

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