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Międzynarodowy Dzień Tańca
29 kwietnia

Międzynarodowy Dzień Tańca
przesłanie na rok 1999
Mahmoud Reda

On a momentous occasion such as this, International Dance Day, I fail to find adequate words that can touch the heights of this fine art, Dance. Perhaps the best way for one to express those feelings would be... to dance.

With this Message from Egypt, I pay tribute to all those who have devoted their lives to this most refined art. It is a great honour for me to include myself as one of them. I earnestly hope that the coming millenium will see the flourishing of all arts and in particular – Dance.
Mahmoud Reda

Mahmoud Reda - Born on 18 March 1930 in Cairo, Egypt, Mahmoud Reda is a pioneer of dance theatre in Egypt. In 1959 he founded the first folk dance company The Reda Troupe to present Egypt's rich dance heritage in theatrical form. Solist, choreographer and director of hundreds of productions, Mahmoud Reda has toured in more than 60 countries, performing on the world's most prestigious stages. He has also been principal actor, dancer and choreographer in popular Egyptian films. A participant in the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952, Mahmoud Reda represented Egypt in gymnastics after winning a gold medal in free exercise at the Arab Countries Championships-Alexandria in 1950. Mahmoud Reda holds a degree in commerce from the University of Cairo. From 1982 to 1990 he was Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture. His publications include "In the Temple of Dance"

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