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Międzynarodowy Dzień Tańca
29 kwietnia

Międzynarodowy Dzień Tańca
przesłanie na rok 1997
Maurice Béjart

This twentieth century, now nearing the fulfilment of its destiny, has truly confirmed what I proclaimed in the fifties and which was greeted then with somewhat derisive smiles - that this was the century of Dance.

A hundred years ago a madwoman of genius appeared. Almost naked beneath her veils, free and sublime, Isadora Duncan surged up to overturn all the traditions and received ideas on the art of ballet.

On another front, the Russian Ballets of Serge Diaghilev were making their own revolution into which the greatest geniuses of the epoch - musicians, painters, dancers and choreographers poured their creative energies. Ever since, DANCE, " The Sleeping Beauty " at last awakened, has not ceased to conquer new audiences and new countries all over the world.

The different choreographic tendencies encounter one another, styles develop, mingle, confront each other or give rise to hybrid forms. One can say that this century has seen the life and work of as many choreographers as there were opera musicians in the nineteenth century.

Young and vibrant audiences have taken over from the former " balletomanes ", and are there to support new ventures, suddenly putting dance in relation and in competition with the two " greats " of this epoch - Sport and the Cinema!

Dance is a sport, but also more than a sport since it unites the joy of effort and sporting competition with an emotional and spiritual life.

Dance, like the Cinema offers us pictures - rapid, emotionally moving, plastic, abstract or dynamic images to put rhythm into our EGO.

This century is going to die. Long live Dance, Dancers and all those who seek their BEING through their bodies.
Maurice Béjart

Maurice Béjart, born in Marseilles on January 1st, 1927, is known throughout the world for his choreography, his company, and his school. In 1957, Mr. Béjart set up the Ballet Theatre of Paris. The Company then moved to Brussels where Mr Béjart established the Ballet of the Twentieth Century and the internationally renowned Mudra School. Since 1987, Maurice Béjart has been based in Lausanne, Switzerland with his company Béjart Ballet Lausanne, and in 1992 the Rudra School (l'Ecole-atelier Rudra) was established. Maurice Béjart and his Company have enjoyed many, many years of international touring and continue their performances throughout the world, acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Mr Béjart, who celebrated his 70th birthday this year, has received many honours and continues to be a vital and moving personality in the world of dance.

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